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Banyak Surf Resort

Banyak Surf Resort is located in a lagoon surrounded by uncrowded and maybe even yet to be discovered waves.
The resort is located south of Tuangku Island in the Bay of Plenty front in front of 3 perfects waves, Lolok Point, Gunturs and Dindos.

 This virgin island paradise is completely untouched with several waves in the bay and other waves in the surrounding islands which are accessible in 40 minutes by boat. Besides surfing uncrowded perfection, additional activities include snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, island hopping…

A partir de $185.00

The Dream

Viagem de barco para ondas perfeitas e desertas!
Localização: Ilhas Banyaks
Capacidade: 12 pax
Duração da viagem: 10 dias / 11 noites

A partir de $2,300.00

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